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"Demonstrating Leadership in Real Estate."

Before becoming a REALTOR®, I had just completed my bachelor’s degree in Ministry/Organizational Leadership. I was thoroughly educated in the science of leadership from a ministerial and organizational perspective. I acquired not only the practical skills in leading an organization, but also the personal disciplines, traits, and attitudes of a leader. Along side my education, my mentor, who’s a successful pastor and leader of a church, and who has had an important influence on my life, was also a contributor in producing in me the maturity and characteristics of being a leader. As a REALTOR®, I carry all the values and characteristics that I’ve gained from my background in leadership into my service. Therefore, as my client, you can be assured that in working with me, you’ll have a trustworthy, wise, and disciplined person working on your behalf. That’s the type of person that you want representing you when dealing with such an important financial transaction as the purchase or sale of your house or commercial property.

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